Meet Our SEL Ambassadors

Social emotional learning ambassadors are administrators, teachers, counselors, and coordinators who advocate for SEL and support educators in our community. Connect with them in our Facebook group or during our webinars. Learn more about our 2021-22 SEL Ambassadors below! 

“Giving students the skills they need to function in society develops their ability to adapt, be flexible, solve problems, and learn how to work with different types of people. Social and emotional learning should be the root of the learning for every child.” – Michele D’Avignon, Counselor

“So much has transpired in the world that we have to be proactive and address the needs. By building relationships and developing a trusting environment, we present an opportunity for scholars and staff to develop skills to help them manage situations.” – Diedra Barnett, Vice Principal

“SEL is the foundation of true education.  Students and staff must know they belong in the environment, are cared for and have a voice.  Once these needs are secure, true teaching and learning will begin.” -Cherish Pipkins, Principal

“Practicing and using [SEL] skills can literally turn a student’s challenging circumstances into stepping stones that lead to greater resilience, empowerment and a readiness to learn academic content.” – Vicki Robinson, Social Worker

“Providing students with the SEL tools and giving them the chance to practice these important skills during the school day leads to more confident, resilient, and empathetic learners as well as a more nurturing and protective learning environment.” – Alexandra Armor, Counselor