SEL for high school students

Approach Adulthood with Resilience

With their whole lives ahead of them, high school students are preparing to set ambitious goals, create well-defined plans, and make informed decisions that will shape their future. Move This World’s High School Solution offers stability and guidance during an uncertain chapter and equips students with college and career readiness skills to take on the world as young adults.

Move This World Prepares Students for a Bright, Resilient Future

  • Real world life skills can boost academic achievement, increase graduation rates, and improve economic outcomes
  • Engaging videos focus on stress management, exploring passions, and building healthy and respectful relationships
  • Students have a voice and choice in how they experience the lessons, encouraging engagement in a way that resonates with them
Social Emotional Skill Development for high school

How High School Students Move This World

Activity: Through the Looking Glass

Objectives: Demonstrate empathy by exploring and encouraging compassion in ourselves and in others. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact that our emotions can have on others in our environment.

Competency: Social Awareness, Self-Awareness

Skills: Being empathetic, self-confidence

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