SEL for high school students

SEL Curriculum for High School

Building Independence and Resilience for Future Success

The transition from middle school to high school, and then from high school to the next journey, can be difficult to navigate. Students are making decisions, setting goals, and creating future plans that weigh heavily on their minds. Move This World provides one of the only SEL social skills development programs for high school students, which offers stability and guidance for students to carve their path with confidence.

SEL curriculum high school

Approaching Adulthood with Emotional

As high school students mature, they are faced with many realities. While these students continue through school, they are choosing whether or not to attend college, where to work, who to date, and generally who they want to be as adults. Though they desire the independence to work through most of these decisions on their own, they don’t always have all the tools to make practical choices.

High school teachers see both the potential and baggage that can help or hinder students. They know that if most students could clear the social or emotional clutter, their chances for success would skyrocket. Administrators closely watch the metrics, looking for opportunities to improve graduation rates and get more kids onto a path for gainful employment so that these students return to the community as contributing adults. Responsible adults, trying to make the home/school connection, are adapting to the challenges of being both a guide and an authority figure.

Now imagine a high school building where students have an eye on their future and recognize the importance of managing stress, exploring passions, and seeking present opportunities to contribute. Students have the social awareness to build healthy and respectful relationships with family, peers, and staff. Academic achievement and graduation matter, as do the opportunities beyond. With Move This World’s unique SEL programs for high school, these teenagers will leave school as emotionally intelligent young adults ready to take on the world.

Watch a sample video of our social skills lessons for high school students to see how Move This World encourages teens to explore their passion and purpose, and then schedule a demo for your school!

How We Move This World in High Schools

Activity: Through the Looking Glass

Objectives: Demonstrate empathy by exploring and encouraging compassion in ourselves and in others. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact that our emotions can have on others in our environment.

Competency: Social Awareness, Self-Awareness

Skills: Being empathetic, self-confidence

Move This World SEL Programs For High School Students Provides The Upper Hand

Move This World understands that high school students need to continue building deeper SEL skills as they begin the transition to adulthood. We offer one of the only programs available at the high school level. Our programs recognize students’ growing maturity and challenges them to consider how they impact the world.

High school students will develop social and emotional skills that help them demonstrate awareness of personal interests and qualities, including strengths and challenges. They will be inspired to contribute to the well-being of the school, community, and world. Students will also develop an awareness and respect for human dignity, including the similarities and differences of all people, groups, and cultures that will help them navigate diversity in their next phase of life.

Do you want to see higher graduation rates and improved economic outcomes? Contact us to transform your high school into a thriving community of emotional intelligence!

Social Emotional Skill Development for high school

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