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Ideas to Bring a Sense of Closure to the School Year

April 25, 2021
Supporting Mental Health COVID-19

This school year is certainly one that educators and students will never forget. Things feel off, but school communities have done an incredible job of…

Re-Entry to the Classroom: Re-Establishing Safety for Students

February 9, 2021
Supporting Mental Health COVID-19

As students return to classrooms, social emotional learning can help re-establish a sense of safety and security. New social distancing requirements, masks, and other safety…

Winter Break SEL Challenge

December 11, 2020
Supporting Mental Health COVID-19
Tags: creativity, Emotion Management, SEL, SEL at Home

During a typical school year, winter break is an opportunity to stay home, relax, and connect with family and friends. But we’ve been home for…

SEL Videos & Resources for Home [Free Access]

December 3, 2020
Supporting Mental Health COVID-19

In light of school closings and schools across the country moving to virtual education, we want to provide resources to support your community. In the event…

Beating Test Anxiety: 10 Mindful Practices to Restore Your Classroom

March 12, 2019
Classroom Resources
Tags: Anxiety, mental health, mindfulness, Stress, testing, Wellbeing

During “testing season,” many students are met with anxiety that stems from hours of test preparation, a lack of sleep, and a high-pressure environment that…

Foster Compassion and Kindness In Your Classroom This Valentine’s Day!

February 11, 2019
Classroom Resources
Tags: Compassion, Kindness, School Culture, SEL

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to foster kindness and compassion in your classroom. Being kind is important year-round, but using Valentine’s Day as a…

Navigating Difficult Behavior Before Break: 10 Tips for Teachers & Parents

December 13, 2018
Classroom Resources
Tags: Behavioral Health, creativity, Holidays, Parent Engagement, Transitions

As winter break approaches you might notice an uptick in difficult behaviors presented by your students and children. This is a natural result of the…

Encouraging Gratitude in the Classroom

November 20, 2018
Classroom Resources
Tags: Gratitude, Holidays, Relationship Skills, SEL

The holiday season is upon us. Your students are probably buzzing with emotions and you may be, too. Whether its excitement, joy, apprehension, anxiety, or…

Learn How To Create Classroom Safe Spaces

October 26, 2018
Classroom Resources
Tags: Empathy, Equity, Relationship Skills, School Climate, School Culture, SEL, Social Awareness

For some students, the only place they feel safe is in school. In school they’re safe to make choices, safe to express feelings, safe to…

Tackling Difficult Conversations with Social Emotional Learning

April 24, 2019
Staff wellbeing

Tough conversations are unavoidable. As adults and inherently social human beings, opportunities for meaningful and complex dialogue present themselves in our daily lives almost constantly.…

Why Social Emotional Learning is the Key to a High Powered Team [Part Two]

April 16, 2019
Staff wellbeing

In part one of our article on social emotional learning and effective teamwork, we explored why SEL is the key to highly effective teams and…

Why Social Emotional Learning is the Key to a High Powered Team [Part One]

April 12, 2019
Staff wellbeing

We’ve all been on a bad team. A team where mistakes are laughed at or shrugged off. “Not my problem.” A team where dropping the…

Meeting Educators Halfway: 10 Mindful Meeting Techniques

March 27, 2019
Staff wellbeing

Here at Move This World, we believe strongly in opening and closing every meeting with a mindful exercise. Why do we do this? Because work…

Mindful Minute: A 7 Day Guide

March 20, 2019
Staff wellbeing

The term mindfulness isn’t new. And while there are many proven benefits, such as improved focus, improved physical health, and decreased anxiety; there is still…

Summer 2021 SEL Legislation Updates

July 7, 2021
SEL State Standards

After an extremely challenging and disrupted school year, governments are increasingly recognizing necessity and benefits of prioritizing social emotional learning in the classroom. Three states…

Federal Legislation Makes Billions Available for SEL Funding

June 1, 2021
School Leadership education & Policy

What new funding is available? After a tumultuous year for school systems around the country, a flurry of federal spending bills has made over $170…

Social Emotional Learning Grants 2020 – 2021

May 21, 2020
School Leadership education & Policy

As we look ahead to the 2020-21 school year, social emotional learning is a top priority for schools and districts. Students, educators and their families…

5 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Online

May 4, 2020
School Leadership education & Policy

Teacher Appreciation Week in 2020 will look different than it ever has before, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be filled with celebration, gratitude and…

8 Strategies to Generate Buy-In for SEL

February 27, 2020
School Leadership education & Policy

According to recent research from Glimpse K12, a whopping 67% of educational software product licenses go unused. That accounts for an estimated $5 billion in…

How Social Media Impedes Empathy

January 15, 2019
Mental Health Awareness

How often a day do you check your phone? Is it Instagram notifying you that you have 250 likes on your selfie rather than 249?…

Recognizing World Mental Health Day

October 9, 2018
Mental Health Awareness

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day meant to raise awareness and help advocate against the social stigma that is often associated around…

The Relationship Between Social Emotional Learning and Brain Health

May 12, 2018
Mental Health Awareness

Photograph by Lynn Johnson This is part four of our series on Brain Health based off an interview with Jeremy Richman, a neuro-pharmacologist who runs…

Understanding the Warning Signs: Recognize the profound changes

May 1, 2018
Mental Health Awareness

Photograph by Lynn Johnson This is part three of our series on Brain Health based off an interview with Jeremy Richman, a neuro-pharmacologist who runs…

Keep Young Learners Engaged All Summer

June 7, 2021
Family & community engagement

Move This World is excited to partner with Sparkler Learning to support the Big Heart World initiative to keep young learners engaged all summer! Big…

SEL Toolkit: Family Engagement

October 16, 2019
Family & community engagement
Tags: download, resource, SEL, toolkit, white paper

Research has shown that an SEL Toolkit has overwhelmingly demonstrated that parent engagement in a child’s education and school community has a positive effect on…

14 Summer Activities to Continue Teaching Social Emotional Learning

August 2, 2019
Family & community engagement

With school out for summer vacation, students have hours of free time on their hands everyday – and some parents may be wondering how to…

7 Picture Books to Teach Social Emotional Learning This Summer

June 26, 2019
Family & community engagement

  Summer vacation is a great time to reinforce the social emotional learning done in school at home. Problem solving, community building and self-management are…

The 20-21 Move This World Curriculum

August 11, 2020
MTW Updates

Move This World’s curriculum is expanded each year to include new videos and supplementary resources to support students and staff. The expanded content is developed…

What’s New to MTW in 2020-21

July 30, 2020
MTW Updates

This year has been unlike any other. As our communities continue to be impacted by a global pandemic, the need for mental health and social…

Offering At-Home Social Emotional Learning to All Families in Florida

July 10, 2020
MTW Updates

In a continued effort to support students and families through the pandemic, we are delighted to share that we are providing free online access to…

How This Social-Emotional Learning Startup Raised $1.1 Million in Investment

October 8, 2019
MTW Updates

  Sara LaHayne, Founder/CEO of Move This World, recently closed a $1.1 million Series A round of investment. Move This World Partnership Director Jennifer Money…

Move This World Raises $1 Million in Seed Funding

September 11, 2018
MTW Updates

Move This World is a social emotional learning program that seeks to build safe and supportive learning environments where PreK-12 students and teachers are empowered…

SEL Ambassador Spotlight: Jessica Drzewucki from P.S. 128, the Bensonhurst School

October 30, 2020
Partner Spotlight & Case Studies

In this series, we’ll be spotlighting SEL Ambassadors from the Move This World community.  We are excited to introduce to you Principal Jessica Drzewucki from…

SEL Ambassador Spotlight: James Norris from Eastside Union School District

September 22, 2020
Partner Spotlight & Case Studies

In this series, we’ll be spotlighting SEL Ambassadors from the Move This World community. The start of the school year – this school year especially…

SEL Ambassador Spotlight: Cherish Pipkins from Rolling Hills Engineering Academy

August 28, 2020
Partner Spotlight & Case Studies

We’re so excited to introduce you to our new SEL Ambassadors! In this series, we’ll spotlight SEL Ambassadors from across the country who are Moving…

SEL: A Team Effort

July 10, 2020
Partner Spotlight & Case Studies

Supporting social emotional learning in schools is truly a team effort. A culture of SEL doesn’t depend on just a strong guidance counselor or an…

SEL at Home: J.P. Ryon Elementary School Maintains Consistency During Virtual Learning

June 12, 2020
Partner Spotlight & Case Studies

Over the past 2 months, schools have shifted teaching and learning in a way they have never done before. From solving problems like access to…

From Our Founder: Grief, Healing, and the Power of Community

March 24, 2021
From The Founder Sara LaHayne

To my Move This World Friends, Family, and Partners: For the second time in a week, our country is grieving a mass shooting. When combined…

From Our Founder: The Year of Healing

January 8, 2021
From The Founder Sara LaHayne

To my Move This World Friends, Family and Partners: Despite the start of a new year, it seems that we will be continuing on the…

Judgement is Best Served with a Side of Empathy

September 29, 2020
From The Founder Sara LaHayne

The word “judgement” is prevalent in schools, especially high schools. As young adults grow into themselves, every quirk can become subject of teasing or questioning.…

How Daily Rituals Help Us Cope with the Current Pandemic & Future Challenges

July 15, 2020
From The Founder Sara LaHayne

Growing up, I didn’t really understand the power of rituals.  Take religion, for example. I never considered myself a particularly religious person. I didn’t attend…

Listening Deeply & Amplifying Voices: How we react to today’s crises will define us for a generation

June 2, 2020
From The Founder Sara LaHayne
Tags: Move This World, SEL, Self Awareness

A week that began with Memorial Day and ended with protests across the nation — now stretching across the world — laid bare the structural…

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