Keep Young Learners Engaged All Summer

Move This World is excited to partner with Sparkler Learning to support the Big Heart World initiative to keep young learners engaged all summer! Big Heart World, presented by Sparkler Learning in partnership with Noggin, Nickelodeon’s interactive learning app for kids 2-6, helps families, parents, and caregivers explore what it means to have a “big heart.”

Our partnership provides families with free access to multimedia experiences from the Move This World library. These are perfect for the summer months and are fun for the whole family! Here are 3 key learning areas for students this summer:

1. Awareness of Self: Identity, Belonging, Feelings, and Self-Regulation

Empower young learners by helping them understand their feelings. This is especially helpful to understand how they are processing this past year and what they are feeling about returning to school and friends this fall. You can help young learners develop an understanding of who they are, how they feel, and how they can manage those feelings in healthy ways.

2. Awareness of Others: Empathy and Appreciation of Diversity

Empathy is a muscle that we can strengthen through active, participatory learning experiences. Being able to empathize with others and developing an awareness of others helps young learners learn how to work in teams and solve problems. You can help young learners develop an awareness of others, appreciate what makes us unique, and empathize with others in our community.

3. Relationships with Others: Interpersonal Strategies

After a year of physical distancing and isolation, young learners need lots of opportunities to practice building relationships with others and interacting with different people. You can help young learners understand what makes a good friend, how to be a good friend, and how to solve problems with others.

Learn more about Big Heart World and find our free resources here.

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