Empower your students to Move This World

How Does It Work?

  • Interactive Videos in Real World Learning for PreK- 12 Students
    • Minimal teacher prep
    • Short, engaging lessons
    • MTSS resources
  • Professional Learning for Educators
    • Consistent, ongoing support for educators
    • Safe spaces to reflect, express, and create
    • On-Demand resources for educators
  • Community Engagement Tools
    • A common language for meaningful communication and conflict resolution
    • Deepened connection between home, school, and community
    • Spanish resources available

What happens when schools Move This World?

decrease in school-wide incident reports

decrease in incident reports for ELL

decrease in suspensions for ELL

decrease in incident reports for SPED

decrease in suspensions for SPED

According to a quasi experimental study completed by MBZ Labs


has impacted over

A Consistent Focus on Social Skill Development

Move This World’s programs not only provide a solid foundation for students to successfully set, pursue, and achieve lifelong goals, but they also create a healthy environment where students strengthen their interpersonal skills, cultivate a growth mindset, and foster the development of self-management techniques.


Identifying Emotions

Expressing Emotions





Managing Emotions


Managing Stress


Controlling Impulses

Social Awareness

Being Empathetic

Appreciating Diversity

Respecting Others

Civic Engagement

Appreciating Differences

Relationship Skills

Resolving Conflicts

Listening Actively

Cooperating Teamwork

Communicating Effectively

Responsible Decision Making

Identifying Problems

Solving Problems

Thinking Critically

Setting Goals

Leadership Skills