SEL for late elementary students

Social Skill Curriculum For Late Elementary School

Fostering Self-Regulation & Social Awareness for Positive Relationships

Students in late elementary grades are hitting their social stride and how they develop those skills can influence their academic success. They are still naturally inclined to play, but they’re also beginning to think about how other people perceive them. As students develop more meaningful relationships, they are curious to know what others think. Our social emotional skill development for late elementary school program helps students explore their place in the world with interactive videos made just for them.

Social Emotional Skill Development for Late Elementary

SEL Tools for Growing Social Awareness

Students in older elementary grades are growing in independence, which means they don’t always want help solving problems. When frustrated, these students still often struggle to control their emotions or find the words that convey their feelings. Socially, students in these grades may begin testing power dynamics that lead to exclusion behaviors.

Teachers see the social dynamics among students and their struggle for independence. They recognize that their students still need play and movement, but they see them beginning to avoid those activities. Administrators are unsure if teachers have the support needed to provide social guidance while meeting academic standards. Meanwhile, families are learning how to create a connection between school and home while managing children who are increasingly exploring the limits of their selfhood.

Now imagine a context where students (at home or at school) have the awareness and management skills to recognize frustration, pause, and ask for help. Students practice empathy and pay attention to how their words affect their peers. When you integrate Move This World’s SEL program for later elementary grades into your curriculum, these are exactly the changes you’ll see.

Your later elementary students are at the perfect age to Move This World. Check out a sample video designed especially for students in 3rd to 5th grades, and then request a demo for your school!

Watch How Late Elementary Students Move This World

Activity: X Marks the Spot

Objective: Describe growth mindset. Identify how a growth mindset can help us respond to challenges.

Competency: Self-Management

Skills: Resilience, self-motivation

Social Emotional Learning for
Growing Students

Move This World is designed to work with students in their current phase of development. Later elementary students are not little kids and not yet adolescents. Their program is just right for this stage of childhood.

Later elementary aged students will open and close their day with guided exercises that build on their knowledge of SEL concepts over the course of the school year. Short videos incorporate movement and self-expression along with a growing vocabulary to help students develop fluency in the language of emotional intelligence. All of this takes place without intruding on your instruction time, and you don’t have to prepare any additional materials for Move This World exercises.

Ready to watch your growing students embrace their ability to Move This World? Contact us to see how Move This World can transform your learning environment.

SEL curriculum late elementary school

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