SEL for late elementary students

Fostering Positive Self-Awareness

Move This World meets our late elementary students as they are hitting their social stride. It’s an exciting time as they develop more meaningful relationships and explore their place in the world. Move This World’s Late Elementary Solution helps them build resiliency to tackle the frustrations and fears that accompany growing up.

Navigate New-found Independence with Move This World

  • Short, interactive videos incorporate movement and opportunities for self-expression
  • Exercises develop a growing vocabulary and fluency in emotional intelligence
  • An engaging curriculum for each unique grade level without the extra prep time
  • Lessons are designed for your students’ current phase of development

Watch How Late Elementary Students
Move This World

Activity: X Marks the Spot

Objective: Describe growth mindset. Identify how a growth mindset can help us respond to challenges.

Competency: Self-Management

Skills: Resilience, self-motivation

Watch How Late Elementary Students
Move This World in Español

Activity: Circle of Trust

Competency: Social Awareness

Skills: Empathy, respect for others, expressing emotions

Objectives: Identify and describe how others are feeling.

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