SEL for early elementary students

Building the Foundation for Success

Move This World’s interactive videos are the perfect match for young students with big imaginations and even bigger emotions. By inviting them to move and play, Move This World seamlessly introduces Early Elementary Solution into their daily routine.

Start Their Day with Move This World

  • Short, interactive videos incorporate movement, play, and expression
  • Guided exercises prepare them to learn in a safe, supportive environment
  • Designed to developmentally align with each unique grade level
  • Lessons build sequentially over the year, allowing students to grow
    their social skills at a comfortable pace

Watch How Little Learners
Move This World

Activity: Emogometer

Competency: Self-Awareness

Skills: Identifying Emotions, Expressing Emotions

Objectives: Recognize that emotions vary in intensity. Recognize and label the intensity of an emotion we are experiencing and describe what causes our basic emotions

Watch How Little Learners
Move This World in Español

Activity: Oooh Aaah Song

Competency: Self-management

Skills: Managing emotions, mindfulness, stress management

Objectives: Practice strategies for managing our emotions. Recognize how to know when we need an emotional management strategy.

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