SEL for early elementary students

SEL Curriculum for Early Elementary School

Giving Young Students a Foundation for Life Success

Students in Pre-K through 2nd grade are at a crucial developmental milestone to begin social emotional skill development for early elementary students with Move This World. With their big imaginations, young students take naturally to our unique interactive videos. By inviting them to play, Move This World seamlessly introduces SEL concepts into their daily routine.

SEL curriculum early elementary school

SEL Social Skills Build Communication

While children in this age group love to laugh, sing, and move, they also have very big feelings and emotions. They are still developing an awareness of how they relate to their peers, and they are learning to regulate their bodies. Their brains are doing hard work, and they don’t always know how to ask for a break or for help.

Teachers are under pressure to give individual attention to students without falling behind in a given day’s lesson plan. Administrators are aware that each classroom has complex dynamics, and it’s difficult to know if teachers have the tools they need to fully serve the students. Family members need the support and tools to help them bridge the gap for their children, whether learning is happening remotely or in the classroom. 

Now imagine a radically different learning environment. Students have words for their emotions. When those emotions run high, you know how to help your students breathe their way to calm. Everyone starts the day with exercises that encourage focus and listening skills. Students pay attention to peers and family members and apply social skills that help them support each other. This is all possible, and this is how we Move This World.

Watch How Little Learners
Move This World

Activity: Emogometer

SEL Competency: Self Awareness

Skills: Identifying emotions, Expressing emotions

Objectives: Recognize that emotions vary in intensity. Recognize and label the intensity of an emotion we are experiencing and describe what causes our basic emotions.

Age Appropriate Approach to Emotional Intelligence

Move This World’s early elementary program is designed to work in cooperation with the cognitive abilities of each grade level. Our program provides a grade-level specific SEL curriculum for Elementary Schools and doesn’t ask these students to be anyone other than who they already are.

Through short interactive social emotional videos for elementary students the incorporation of movement and creative expression, early elementary-aged students will open the day with guided exercises that help them prepare for learning in a safe environment. These exercises build sequentially over the course of the year, allowing students to build SEL skills at the right pace for their grade level.

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Social Emotional Skill Development for Early Elementary

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