SEL for middle school students

SEL Curriculum for Middle School

Supporting Students' Growth Through Relationship Building & Self-Management

Students in middle school are changing drastically and developing rapidly. Students are becoming more aware of people outside their immediate circle, and beginning to understand that the world is a complicated place. Move This World’s social emotional skill development for middle school program recognizes students’ developing maturity and builds their SEL skills to navigate the complexities of life.

SEL curriculum middle school

Times of Transition Call for SEL

Middle school students are in a high-stress phase of life. As they deal with changing bodies and emotions, they also face greater responsibility. With these changes are going on, they have fewer opportunities for movement throughout the day, and they are interacting with more adults at school than ever before. Without the tools to process their emotions and express their needs, middle school students often default to conflict.

Middle school teachers know that students need more attention and better tools for processing emotions. Administrators recognize the difficult job teachers face trying to teach the curriculum in the midst of social conflict, hormonal anxiety, and stressful outbursts. Adults, working to bridge the gap between home and school, are adjusting to the limits of their control. It’s difficult to keep disciplinary issues well managed without help.

Now imagine a school day in which each student has the ability to regulate his or her response to stress. Students use a language everyone understands – family members, teachers, peers –to analyze problems and actively seek solutions. Disciplinary issues significantly drop in frequency and severity because students engage each other in open dialogue instead of resulting in conflict. This can be your school day – your school year – when your middle school students learn SEL skills with Move This World.

Middle school students are growing up and getting ready to Move This World. View a sample video from our middle school program, and then request a demo for your school!

Watch Our Social Skills Lessons For Middle School Sample Video

Activity: You and Me Memo

Objective: Recognize and implement strategies to help us learn from challenges and setbacks.

SEL Competency: Self-Awareness and Responsible Decision Making

Skills: Self-confidence, Strength recognition

Move This World Supports Healthy Development

Move This World programs have been created out of extensive research into age-based development. Our middle school program is specifically geared to the cognitive and maturity levels of students in that age bracket.

Social skills lessons for middle school students will help them engage in guided exercises that build on their knowledge of SEL concepts over the course of the school year. Short videos give students grade-appropriate tools for regulating emotions and practicing empathy. All of this takes place without intruding on your instruction time, and you don’t have to prepare any additional materials for Move This World exercises.

Are you ready to help build social skills lessons for middle school students to reduce conflict and grow emotional intelligence? Contact us to see how Move This World can transform your students.

Social Emotional Skill Development for Middle School

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