SEL for middle school students

Empower Growth Through Meaningful Relationships

Students in middle school are starting to notice the complexities of the world and are working to find their place in it. As they grow more aware of people outside their immediate circle, students benefit from a program that helps them build and maintain new relationships. Move This World’s Middle School Solution enables students to process their emotions and express their needs to navigate conflict in their growing networks.

Times of Transition Call for Move This World

  • Short, participatory videos teach students to regulate emotions, practice empathy, and connect with peers
  • Consistent practice allows lessons to build on one another and decrease the frequency and severity of disciplinary issues
  • Guided exercises don’t intrude on instructional time or require additional prep work
  • Evidence-based programs geared to the cognitive and maturity levels of the students
Social Emotional Skill Development for Middle School

Watch how middle school students
Move This World

Activity: You and Me Memo

Objective: Recognize and implement strategies to help us learn from challenges and setbacks.

Competency: Self-Awareness and Responsible Decision-Making

Skills: Self-confidence, Strength recognition

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