Social Emotional Learning Grants 2022-2023

SEL Funding

As schools prepare for the 2022-23 school year, the mental health crisis is top of mind for administrators. Students and staff continue to be impacted by the stress, changes, and uncertainty of living through a global pandemic for two years. Districts understand the importance of investing in resources that not only address the current mental health needs but proactively improve the culture on campus. Social emotional learning is a proactive approach to promoting wellbeing, building a stronger foundation for learning, and creating school campuses where students, educators, and families can thrive. What new options are available to secure funding for SEL next year?

How is SEL Funded?

Grants for social emotional learning programs are available, and we’ve put together a list of funding sources to explore to find social emotional learning grants in 2022.

  1. CARES Act I was meant to support the transition to remote learning, but districts must spend these funds by September 30, 2022. Funded at the state level, districts were able to apply for funding through their state department of education. Check with your district to determine if funds are still available and advocate that funds be allocated to SEL resources.
  2. CARES ACT II is meant to address learning loss in PreK-12 schools, support mental health, and monitor student progress as schools continue to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Similarly, these funds are provided at the state level and districts applied for funding through their state department of education. States needed to allocate these funds by January 20, 2022, however districts must spend funds by September 30, 2023. Check with your district to learn more about SEL funding in 2022-23 and beyond.
  3. American Rescue Plan (ARP) is designed to address the academic, mental health, and social emotional needs of students. Check with your district to advocate for ARP funding for SEL in 2022-23.

Want to find out if your school is eligible for SEL Funding? Contact Move This World to learn more.

Options for SEL Funding in 2022

Beyond federal funding, there are many available grants for social emotional learning in schools. Whether utilizing a grant to invest in an SEL solution or leveraging several funding sources to support your SEL goals, your district’s grant manager or federal funding specialist can help you navigate the available options. Below are a few suggestions to explore to find social emotional learning grants in 2022.

  1. NEA Foundation Student Success Grants: Two levels of funding are available for educators to grant activities for 12 months. Applicants must be members of the National Education Association.  
  2. Project AWARE State Education Agency Grants: Project AWARE is designed to help schools develop infrastructure for mental health programs and services. Applications are due Monday, May 2, 2022. Learn more here
  3. Educators can receive funding through Donors Choose, and this resource has been utilized to contribute to funds for SEL solutions in classrooms and schools. 
  4. Fundsnet Services: Find information about grants or fundraising opportunities that could be used to fund SEL initiatives in your school. This service mostly focuses on non-profit and philanthropic funding sources.
  5. The Federal Grants Database: Search this government database to stay updated on federal grants that could be utilized to fund SEL initiatives.

The need for social emotional learning resources is at an all-time high, and schools are looking to invest in curricula, tools, and programs that provide daily SEL practice, build skills year over year, and are sustainable over time for long-term impact. SEL grants for social emotional learning programs are just one step in the effort to secure the resources, expertise, and training that schools need.

Learn more about SEL Grants for your school today.

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