SEL Professional Development for Teachers

Social Emotional Learning Professional Development for Teachers

Supporting Educators

For well over a decade, Professional Development in support of staff emotional health has been central to our approach to teaching social emotional skills. As stressors in the world and in school increase, it’s become clear to us that staff wellbeing has grown from an important issue to an urgent matter. Move This World gives your teachers the space and time to support their well being through Visioning Labs – online sessions to emotionally sustain and support your staff. Visioning Labs will support your staff directly. When everyone approaches their work from a place of emotional wellness, collaborative communication, and empathetic leadership, the school becomes a community where everyone thrives. Support your SEL goals with Move This World Enrichment Workshops that enhance buy-in by the adults in students’ lives.

“...staff wellbeing has grown to be an urgent matter…”

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Visioning Labs and Enrichment Workshops support educators throughout the year, not just to implement Move This World in the classroom but also to promote educator wellbeing and develop capacity for SEL.

When Teachers Engage, Students Engage

Teachers know their students are absorbing much more from them than facts and information. Students observe and imitate what their teachers model when it comes to emotion and attitude. Teachers who manage their own wellness set an example that encourages children to do the same. Because we incorporate the same elements of movement and expression throughout our programs, students see a consistency between their teachers and our videos that promotes trust.

Each session cultivates a safe space to reflect, express, and create:

  • Creative warm-up such as movement, play, or improvisation
  • Social emotional learning objective-specific exercises
  • Visual and written components
  • In-depth debrief and dialogue related to the theme
  • Individual and team planning for positive transformative action
  • Closing reflections and take-aways
SEL workshops for teachers

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    SEL curriculum for teachers

    Customized SEL Training to Fit Your Goals

    Move This World is not a static one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we create training opportunities that are tailored to support the unique needs of your students and staff. Using our core training programs as a base, Move This World will work with your school or district to identify goals and create a customized professional development agenda for your staff. Your Program Manager will work with you to create a plan to address the climate and culture in your building(s) and your social emotional learning goals.

    Professional Development Workshops That Move You

    We didn’t develop an extensive library of videos with dynamic movement and creative expression for your students just to sit you down in front of a screen to watch lectures and fill out worksheets. As humans, and especially as educators, we are naturally inclined towards movement and self-expression. Our professional development labs and workshops are interactive sessions that incorporate movement, play, and laughter to encourage you and your faculty to experience the impact of SEL firsthand. 

    Are you ready to get your staff moving with engaging and effective training that cultivates a cohesive school community? Contact us to learn more.

    SEL for educators

    Labs and workshops are delivered in one-hour sessions (or less) via Zoom or Google Hangouts at your convenience.

    “You can’t fill a glass from an empty pitcher.” Our online Visioning Labs are designed to imbue educators with tools and practices that will sustain and support them as they traverse the changed world of teaching – and teaching SEL – in the new school year.

    Designed to equip educators with best practices to support effective implementation of Move This World’s Social Emotional Learning Program.

    As always, additional Coaching Sessions, tailored to meet individual, small group, or district-wide needs, are available to you. This is an opportunity to deepen the practice and feedback engaged in the regularly scheduled Coaching Calls. There is also on-demand support via podcasts and social emotional wellness videos on the Move This World Platform.