Professional Learning for Educator Wellness

For over a decade, ongoing support for educators has been central in our approach to teaching social development skills. As educational stress escalates, staff mental health and job burnout have become pressing issues. Move This World alleviates these burdens with structured, guided practice.


Educator Wellness Experiences

Give your teachers the time and space to support their wellbeing. These collaborative sessions emotionally sustain and support your staff.

Enrichment Workshops

Increase the impact of the Move This World curriculum for your students with this tailored training to help you set goals, evaluate progress, and celebrate success.

When Teachers Engage, Students Engage

Move This World has developed educator wellness experiences with the purpose of providing a dedicated space for your staff to engage in processing, reflection, celebration, connection, and goal setting in relation to their personal and collective well-being. Educator staff wellbeing is paramount in creating a healthy learning environment.

Each session cultivates reflection, expression, and creativity.

Creative warm-up
Movement, play, improv
Wellness specific exercises
Visual & Written components
Thoughtful dialogue & reflection
Leadership planning for positive transformation

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