Workshops That Support Your School's SEL Goals

Our Enrichment Workshops are designed to enrich the delivery of the Move This World student-facing curriculum through tailored training to support your teachers and staff. These sessions help your team maximize your school’s SEL efforts by reviewing best practices for the program and giving your team the time and space to set goals, evaluate progress, and celebrate success.

Integration for Teachers: Maximizing Move This World in the Classroom

☑ Leaders

☑ Educators

Goal: Provide support in implementing Social Emotional Learning in the classroom in order to maximize student engagement, academic integration, and consistent practice and achieve goals surrounding skill development and climate and culture building.

Session I (45-60 minutes; foundations)

Recommended for year 1 partners

  • Review relevant MTW programmatic updates
  • Establish goals & expectations for use of Move This World’s student-facing program
  • Identify key milestones for successful implementation
  • Discuss best practices around engagement, virtual adaptation, academic integration, and integration with other SEL programs
  • Review MTW teaching components & different types of creative practices

Session II (45-60 minutes; advanced)

Recommended for year 2+ partners

  • Review relevant MTW programmatic updates
  • Uncover personal and community-wide social emotional learning goals
  • Measure & reflect on SEL related progress
  • Set & establish personal and team actions for meeting goals
  • Review and practice strategies for leveraging MTW platform to maximize SEL engagement

The SEL Journey: Evaluating End of Year Progress

☑ Leaders

☑ Educators

Goal: Provide an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of the school year, how they have contributed to progress towards SEL-related goals and how we can leverage lessons learned to action plan for the next school year.

Session I (45-60 minutes)

  • Evaluate SEL successes and challenges of the year, including what went well, what you have learned, what you are proud of, and what you would do differently next year
  • Develop action plan to meet future SEL goals and establish team accountability

Integration for Support Staff: Maximizing Move This World Throughout Your School

☑ Leaders

☑ Educators

Goal: Equip all of the adults in your school community with an understanding of the core components of Move This World’s program, including the common language, creative practices, and strategies for integrating MTW into school culture.

Session I (30-40 minutes)

  • Explore ways we can bring play, creativity, joy and fun into social emotional learning teaching & support
  • Review Move This World’s core teaching components, common language and MTW digital platform
  • Establish practices for integrating MTW into regular routines, across multiple settings, and in conjunction with other district specific SEL and wellness related initiatives & programs

Adult and Family Connections: Working to Strengthen Social Emotional Wellbeing at Home

☑ Leaders

☑ Educators

☑ Families

Goal: Build connections between school and the home in order to understand Social Emotional Learning and how those skills can be used to strengthen family engagement, equity, and a common language for addressing stress, conflicts and our feelings.

Session I (45-60 minutes)

  • Build home-school connections by establishing a common language for how we talk about stress, conflict, feelings, and what we can do with those sensations
  • Understand how Social Emotional Learning supports equity
  • Develop an understanding of Social Emotional Learning and how Move This World can help to strengthen mental, social and emotional wellbeing at school and at home
  • Utilize Move This World’s videos and extension exercises to support family engagement and strengthen social and emotional wellness

Building Your Why

☑ Leaders

☑ Educators

Goal: Provide support in building understanding and buy-in for Social Emotional Learning and maximizing school wide engagement across scenarios and experiences.

Session I (45-60 minutes, foundations)

  • Effectively model the use of Move This World and its resources to cultivate social emotional wellness for all staff and students
  • Explore, understand and internalize the 5 core competencies of Social Emotional Learning- Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Decision Making
  • Understand how Social Emotional Learning supports equity and impacts students’ academic scores, behavior, relationships and long-term success.

Session II (45-60 minutes, advanced)

  • Discuss ideal student engagement across a variety of scenarios and experiences
  • Understand social emotional needs of students to drive instruction
  • Discuss strategies for encountering and navigating resistance and engaging students to take ownership of their social and emotional wellbeing
  • Develop action plans for meeting students where they are in their SEL journey

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