Pause, Power, and Prosper: Stress-Strategies for Test Time

WHEN: APRIL 16, 2024
TIME: 4:00 pm ET / 1:00pm PT

Our Educator Wellness Series offers a free opportunity to engage in practices to strengthen personal and professional wellbeing. This 30 minute session will activate the Power of Pause to leave you refreshed and recharged as you head into testing season.  Watch it on demand below. 


  • Check-in with ourselves to identify what we’re feeling and what we need

  • Engage in quick Power of Pause practices that can also be done in staff meetings or in the classroom

  • Ideas to help promote practices that can help build self-motivation during stressful times

  • The latest research behind how Move This World’s SEL program is helping students both grow their SEL competencies and achieve better academic outcomes


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