A Strong Foundation for Learning: SEL as a Tier 2 Support in Your MTSS Framework

Every school year has unique hurdles, and this year, schools are facing new student behavioral challenges as well as navigating teacher shortages. In such an environment, schools need more and better tools to support their students, and school leaders are looking for ways to update their current processes to meet the challenges of the moment.

Many schools that incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) into their instruction do so as a foundational support for their students, but what interventions are available for those students who need more intensive support? How can SEL be integrated into school- and district-wide MTSS frameworks to ensure all students are getting not just the academic support they need, but adequate social and emotional attention as well?

Watch this on-damand edWebinar, featuring MTSS expert Lindsee Fryatt and Blue Earth Area High School Principal Conan Shaffer, as they break down how you can integrate SEL as a Tier 2 support in your MTSS framework. Learn actionable steps that Blue Earth Area Schools have taken to integrate SEL throughout their MTSS framework and support students who require more targeted interventions. You learn:

  1. How SEL supports Tier 2 interventions
  2. How to better identify student and staff needs
  3. How top-down commitment to SEL and a common language secure buy-in

This recorded edWebinar is of interest to school and district leaders of all grade levels.

Bring systemic SEL into your district

Free toolkit download

There is no one person or designated class responsible for supporting the social and emotional development of students. All influencers in a school community, from families to counselors to district administrators, play an important role.

In this free toolkit, you’ll learn the what, why, and how of implementing SEL across your school and district with ready-to-use resources you can start putting to work right away.

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