Emilee Strubeck, 4th Grade Teacher

Name: Emilee Strubeck

Role: 4th Grade Teacher

School: Mariana-Bracetti Academy Charter School

District: The School District of Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

“SEL, in my opinion, is what separates extremely successful individuals from the rest of the pack. There are so many invaluable skills that SEL teaches; skills that all people need, well into adulthood, in order to thrive in life. SEL is important to me because it was not something I was introduced to as a child. For example, I never knew what anxiety was or how I could tell if my body or mind was experiencing anxiety; that was a lesson I had to learn the hard way as an adult. Social skills do not come naturally to all children, so unless they are being taught different strategies for engaging in conversation with their peers, they can potentially miss out on an entire facet of their life at school: making and keeping friends. That’s why kids come to school anyway, right? To see their friends.”

Emilee Strubeck is an ESOL teacher for grades 4-7 at Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. She is an advocate for all students, an ally, and an activist promoting SEL, mindfulness, and social justice while celebrating diversity every chance she gets. Find her on Instagram @msstrubeck!