How-To Guide: 7 Phases for Implementing SEL Now & Preparing for Next Year

Follow these seven phases for social emotional learning implementation and review in your school or district.

Educators, school leaders, and district staff are increasingly seeing the need for social emotional support for their students but often times don’t know where to start. This webinar takes out the guesswork and provides step-by-step, month-by-month directions for starting your program TODAY. Consistent use of social emotional learning (SEL) curriculums and assessments have a positive effect on:

  • Academic gains;

  • Increased ability to manage emotions and stress; and

  • Better attitudes about self, others, and school (CASEL).

Whether you currently have a social emotional learning program, or learning how to implement and review SEL, these resources will outline:

  • How-to choose the right SEL curriculum and assessment

  • How-to quickly and successfully implement SEL curriculum and assessment

  • Positive social-emotional growth you can expect this year

  • Roadmapping for following school year(s)

Download the webinar and slide deck down below.

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