SEL in Science

Science asks students to use problem solving skills to observe the world around them. While some students may have scientific interests and can easily be curious in science class, other students may feel like science isn’t for them. But all students can be engaged scientists!

Scientific thinking requires students to state an idea or hypothesis, design a process to test their idea, and then draw conclusions based on their observations. Social emotional skills can help students improve scientific thinking by supporting decision making skills and goal setting. Often, students can get stuck on “I don’t know what to do next,” when results aren’t what they expected. SEL skills like decision making can help students identify next steps. SEL can even help students identify larger problems in the world around them that they can use science to help solve and impact their communities in positive, far-reaching ways!

In this activity, students will design their own science experiment in order to develop SEL skills. Enter your information to grab your downloadable worksheet. Available in English and Spanish.

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