Children learning what is SEL?

What is SEL?

Social Emotional Learning is the Foundation for All Learning

SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is an integral part of human development. SEL is the process that helps people develop healthy identities, manage emotions, feel empathy for others, maintain supportive relationships with friends or family members as well as make responsible decisions.

What is SEL in School?

Social emotional learning in school encompasses everything from goal setting to stress management, which provides both children and adults with tools they can use to express themselves authentically appropriately.

A better understanding of social emotional learning leads students to acquire techniques for processing and managing emotions as well as essential social skills. It teaches students how to be more socially and emotionally aware. Social emotional learning is critical for building healthy relationships, communicating effectively, and living a meaningful life.

When integrated with an academic curriculum, SEL facilitates engaged classroom participation and retention of concepts – whether in the classroom or remotely. Move This World’s SEL programs teach family members, students, and educators a common language and effective exercises that aid in identifying and managing emotions, problem-solving, and building relationships.

Imagine learning environments where the teachers are actively in tune with each student’s verbal and non-verbal cues, where children support their peers’ desire to learn, where families can better relate to the academic challenges their children face, and where tension is removed so that deeper learning can take place. Move This World’s SEL programs can make this a reality – whatever the learning environment.

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Core Competencies of SEL

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, or CASEL, defined SEL in 1994 using five core competencies as the framework. The integration of these skills is crucial for developing emotional intelligence regarding self-expression and relationships. Once applied, these competencies support individuals in every facet of their lives.


Identifying Emotions

Expressing Emotions





Managing Emotions


Managing Stress


Controlling Impulses

Social Awareness

Being Empathetic

Appreciating Diversity

Respecting Others

Civic Engagement

Appreciating Differences

Relationship Skills

Resolving Conflicts

Listening Actively



Communicating Effectively

Responsible Decision Making

Identifying Problems

Solving Problems

Thinking Critically

Setting Goals

Leadership Skills

When initiated in early childhood, the five core competencies equip individuals with a lifelong, solutions-oriented
ability to navigate life’s complex challenges.

Move This World’s Approach to SEL

With a better understanding of what social emotional learning is you can learn more about Move This World. You will learn how we offer a dynamic and effective SEL approach through the combination of alignment with core competencies established by The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the evidence-based research and experience of our Founder. Our extensive digital library provides short, interactive videos that incorporate movement and creative expression to engage students in active learning. Each lesson offers opportunities for individual reflection as well as communication and connection with peers, family members, and teachers.

Structured, interactive videos introduce a safe space and walk students through exercises that encourage them to be aware of their emotions throughout the day. Our SEL curriculum doesn’t require any preparation time for teachers or prior training for family members. Teachers and administrators who identify additional needs can access our extensive library for resources that apply to a diverse set of topics.

Our unique incorporation of movement and creative expression to optimize SEL retention is based on extensive research regarding kinesthetic empathy. Self-management, relationship building, and problem-solving become natural, intuitive skills for students and adults, which create safe and nurturing learning environments.

Classroom with instructor teaching what is SEL to students

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