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Top School Culture and Educational Leadership Podcasts

For busy principals, teachers and educators, podcasts can be the most convenient way to learn more about school leadership and culture. We all want the best for our students, so staying on top of new strategies, policies and ideas is important. Listen to these on your daily commute or lunch break to learn something new.

1. The Cult of Pedagogy

Former middle school teacher Jennifer Gonzalez talks with educators, students, administrators, and parents – alongside some solo podcasts – to discuss all things education. Jennifer and her guests offer new ideas about education reform, new teaching strategies and the best way to improve our schools.

Episode recommendation: “12 Ways Teachers Can Build their Own Resilience”

How do teachers bounce back in tough classroom situations to make a better environment for their students? Jennifer and her guest, Elena Gonzalez, an education coach, give some great advice.

2. The Pondering Education Podcast

This podcast considers challenging education issues, from how to develop equity to how the brain actually learns. That, in addition to tracking the journey of one first year teacher, gives a holistic overview of education in the 21st century.

Episode recommendation: “Teacher Leadership with Dr. Jill Harrison Berg”

School consultant Dr. Jill Harrison Berg reveals her tips for promoting teacher leadership for top down school improvement.

3. ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio

The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development has their own podcast with a rotating group of hosts that all bring their professional experience to the show. They seek to empower educators to do the most for their students through these inspirational and informative episodes!

Episode recommendation: “Leading High Performance School Systems”

Education policy expert, Marc Tucker, and principal, Dr. Rachael George, recenter the education conversation back to what matters the most: students.

4. Principal Radio Center

Leadership coach and former principal Justin Baeder bring in experts and authors to share their insight in education policy, teaching theory, and leadership strategies. Listen to hear these ideas and add some new books to your reading list.

Episode recommendation: “Brad and Tonya Balch– Building Great School Counselor- Administrator Teams”

This administrator and counselor duo explain their approach to forming professional relationships to better the school culture.

5. The School Leadership Show

This show is for school administrators by school administrators. Educators share what they are doing in their own schools and what challenges and successes they have navigated so far.

Episode recommendation: “Transforming the Curriculum Through Art”

Learn how one educator developed an art based school curriculum to transform her class and entire school.

6. Education Next

The EdNext hosts breakdown education news, research and opinions in short, 20 minute episodes. How do political elections relate to education? How do we keep students motivated? These are among hundreds of questions answered by EdNext.

Episode recommendation: “Thinking Clearly About the Goals of Education”

What is the role of data in school evaluation? Education policy expert Marty West and educator Susanna Loeb debate the issue in depth.

7. Flipped Learning Radio

Educators from around the world join Flipped Learning Radio for quick discussions on how to transform schools. Teacher wellbeing, test prep and student centered learning are just a few of the topics at hand.

Episode recommendation: “When I Decided to Give My Students More Power Here’s What Happened”

In this 11 minute episode, this science teacher recalls the results after he made a conscious decision to change the power dynamic in his class.

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