S2E2 Water Baby

Megan the Mermaid is becoming a big sister! But it’s not as easy as she thought it would be…

 Deep Dive Questions for Children and their Grown Ups

Here are some questions for kids and their grown ups to discuss after listening to this episode: 

  1. Do you have siblings? Was there a time when having a sibling was frustrating or difficult? How did you handle the situation? What Emoger can you use when you are having a hard time with your sibling?
  2. Learning to share can be hard! How do you feel about sharing and taking turns? How can you help someone if they are having a hard time sharing?
  3. Did you try the breathing exercise with Megan the Mermaid and her dad? How did it feel to slow down and breathe?

Here’s What We Practiced This Week

Goodnight Song: A calming way to close the day and get ready for bed.

Breathe 5 Times, One of the 10 Emogers™: Taking five deep breaths can help us anytime we’re feeling really big emotions. 

Deep Breathing: Practice breathing in for 4 counts, holding your breath for 4 counts, then exhaling slowly for 4 counts. You can increase to 5 counts or more as you keep practicing deep breathing!

We Go to School Song: A fun and energetic song to sing on your journey to school, whether you take the bus, drive a car, or walk to the living room!

Drink a Glass of Water, One of the 10 Emogers™: Drinking water is a helpful way to calm down and take a break when you’re feeling big emotions.

Taking Turns Song: A fun song for friends to remember how to share and take turns!

Here are Some More Ways to Practice & Play at Home

Here are more resources to keep learning together: 

  1. Embodied Relaxation helps us calm our minds and bodies.
  2. Breathing Strategies support us when we’re nervous, excited, or feeling any big emotions!

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We can’t wait to play with you again next week! 


The Emotion Motion Podcast is produced by the Move This World Audio Network. 

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Edited by Andrew Bellinger and Aaron Altounian

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Featuring Megan MacPhee as Megan the Mermaid

Also featuring Jessica Altounian, David Zellerford, Maggie Politi, Cory Stonebrook, and Andrew Bellinger

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