What’s New to MTW in 2020-21

This year has been unlike any other. As our communities continue to be impacted by a global pandemic, the need for mental health and social emotional learning support is greater than ever. Schools are not only looking to support students and educators at school, but families are asking for support at home too. 

From family access for our partner schools to the largest library of evidence-based SEL videos and the most extensive, robust PreK-12 SEL curriculum available, we’re so excited to share some of the big changes coming to Move This World in 2020-21! 

Highlights from Move This World’s SY 20-21 Curriculum:

-You’ll continue to find easy to implement video-based SEL exercises that have a high impact. No planning or preparation required. On our brand new platform, videos are easy to find and reinforce critical SEL competencies.

Video-based SEL exercises reinforce critical competencies and skills.

-This year, our programs are ready to implement in school buildings in a traditional school day model, hybrid learning environment, and/or in a synchronous or asynchronous online setting, with facilitation guides to support each learning environment. Our facilitation guides provide suggestions for modifications that support implementation in a variety of environments. Whether students are learning at school, at home, or both, their SEL curriculum can remain consistent. 

Facilitation guides are built directly into the platform, making it easy to support each video-based SEL exercise.

-This year, parents & families of Move This World partners will receive access to our online learning platform. Families can log in to the same portal that teachers use to access our full curriculum including facilitation guides and extension exercises. SEL at home couldn’t be easier! 

-On our new platform, all SEL videos will be tagged by competency to allow for more teacher-driven and parent-driven engagement. Easily find videos to support the skills you want to target and monitor your progress across social emotional learning standards.

-Within the platform’s content, you’ll find a robust learning repository of SEL toolkits, research, and additional resources to support SEL.

Move This World’s Learning Repository includes additional resources to support social emotional learning.

-All of our videos will now include subtitles in order to better support all learners. We’re excited to make our videos more accessible! 

-Our updated curriculum will continue to offer Spanish resources, including foundational SEL videos, informational handouts, and extension exercises. 

-Educators will find a library of teacher-facing professional development resources, including videos and research to improve their practice.

-It will be easier to track classroom progress across the five competencies with a new directory of SEL objectives. Schools can also access engagement data and will receive regular updates to support fidelity of implementation.


Support your entire community with video-based SEL curriculum for PreK-12. Contact our team to schedule a free demo or make sure your school has renewed access this year!

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