Jessica Altounian

Director of Marketing

Jessica has been working in education for the past 10 years, with a focus on providing equitable and enriching educational opportunities to students around the world. As a classroom teacher in a public high school in NYC, Jessica supported students with disabilities and drove initiatives to improve school culture and educational outcomes as a member of the school leadership team. Outside of the classroom, Jessica has continued to focus on supporting communities of educators and students around the world and promoting social & emotional development in schools. 

  • Favorite wellbeing ritual: Yoga & spending time in nature with my dog.
  • Favorite Move This World exercise: Shake Off because sometimes you’ve just got to get that energy moving!
  • Advice for managing wellbeing during the school year: DO NOT wait for a weekend or school holiday! Do one small thing for yourself every single day – meditate for 2 minutes, go for a walk during lunch, commit to a workout routine. 
  • Advice for supporting colleagues and peers during the school year: Take care of each other. If you notice a colleague getting overworked, stressed, or jaded, help advocate for their self-care and rest. I’ve heard so many phenomenal stories of teachers getting the mental break they need only after a colleague or administrator noticed and reached out to offer help. Teachers aren’t typically the type to prioritize a day off, so help nudge your colleagues if you notice they need one.