Oregon SEL Standards: A Head Start on Social Emotional Development

While Oregon has outlined social emotional development standards for ages 3-Kindergarten, The Oregon Department of Education recommends all educators focus on 3 areas of social emotional development to support students with formative assessments, specifically. See how Move This World aligns with these focus areas of Social Belonging, Growth Mindset, and Self-Regulation below.

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What SEL skills does Oregon recommend educators prioritize?

To prepare students for formative assessments, Oregon recommends that educators focus on developing three aspects of social emotional development:

  1. Social Belonging
  2. Growth Mindset
  3. Self-Regulation

How can districts become leaders in SEL? 

We’ve put together a sample alignment guide to show how seamlessly the Oregon SEL guidelines align to Move This World’s curriculum objectives. A school or district-wide social and emotional learning curriculum can support all students, staff, and families in your community. Additionally, a Tier 1 approach to SEL helps provide a common language around social and emotional skills so that students, staff, and families can all participate in creating a positive school culture. Contact our team and learn more about bringing social and emotional support to your district.

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