Kentucky SEL Standards: Building a Strong Foundation for School Success

Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards were developed in 2003 as a framework designed to assist parents, caregivers, and educators in supporting early childhood education. The standards include some guidance for social emotional learning.

While these initiatives start young children off on the right foot, these standards only run from birth to four years-old. Youth behavior data suggests that students need more support in middle and high school as they face new social and emotional challenges.

Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards identify four areas of focus:

  1. Shows attachments and emotional connection towards others
  2. Demonstrates a desire to create relationships and understanding of these relationships with others
  3. Expresses and/or recognizes a variety of emotions
  4. Develops the ability to control feelings and behavior and understands simple rules and limitations.

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How can districts become leaders in SEL? 

We’ve put together a sample alignment guide to show how seamlessly the Kentucky SEL guidelines align to Move This World’s curriculum objectives. A school or district-wide social and emotional learning curriculum can support all students, staff, and families in your community. Additionally, a Tier 1 approach to SEL helps provide a common language around social and emotional skills so that students, staff, and families can all participate in creating a positive school culture. Contact our team and learn more about bringing social and emotional support to your district.

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