Alabama SEL Standards: Taking Students to New Heights

Though state standards for SEL have not yet been adopted past PreK, Alabama students already have multiple opportunities for social emotional development in schools. As part of the Alabama Core Teaching and SEL Standards, teachers in Alabama are accountable for understanding the social and emotional development of their students, and elementary teachers are required to ensure that instruction promotes social and emotional development.

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The building blocks are in place for Alabama to take SEL to the next level, and district leaders can set their schools up for success by incorporating curriculum that aligns the current Alabama standards to emerging state standards across the US. By becoming leaders in SEL, districts in Alabama aren’t just ahead of the curve, but providing students with skills that will benefit them for years to come.

What do the Alabama SEL standards require?

The Alabama state standards for PreK are divided into five developmental domains:

  1. Self-Concept/Emotional Development

  2. Social Development

  3. Language and Literacy Development

  4. Physical Development

  5. Cognitive Development

While these domains are defined for PreK, it’s clear that the Alabama standards support these developmental domains throughout 12th grade.

How can districts become leaders in SEL? 

By implementing initiatives that support SEL for PreK-12, districts in Alabama can not only become leaders in the state but will see a greater impact on students. We’ve mapped the existing Alabama standards to the five core social emotional learning standards as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning and sequenced skill development.

A school or district-wide social and emotional learning plan can support all students, staff, and families in your community. Additionally, a Tier 1 approach to SEL helps provide a common language around social and emotional skills so that students, staff, and families can all participate in creating a positive school culture. Contact our team and learn more about bringing social and emotional support to your district.

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