Meeting Educators Halfway: 10 Mindful Meeting Techniques

Here at Move This World, we believe strongly in opening and closing every meeting with a mindful exercise. Why do we do this? Because work can be stressful. Work that is directly touching and impacting the lives of children is inherently stressful.

Centering all meetings mindfully gives us a chance to refocus, reconnect and stay present in the moment. By grounding ourselves we are able to be fully present with our colleagues, which in turn makes our meetings more purposeful. We are then able to close every meeting with a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

Educators deal with grueling demands, conflicting responsibilities, the needs of their students, and on top of everything else, staff meetings. Mindfulness can be incorporated into every staff meeting. Whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or in an elementary school, the benefits will quickly become apparent. However, it can be particularly impactful to the wellbeing of educators that mindfulness is made a constant theme throughout every staff meeting – a time where they are able to connect with colleagues and build meaningful systems for support.

Incorporating mindfulness into meetings is a great way to communicate to staff that their wellbeing is valued, and that actionable steps are being taken to prevent burnout. Executing these strategies can be very simple – check out these easy steps for adding mindfulness, meaning, and purpose to your staff meetings.

10 Mindful practices for your next meeting:

  1. Open every meeting with mindful breaths.

  2. Set an intention for every meeting.

  3. Include a meaningful quote for the agenda.

  4. Check the emotional temperature of the room.

  5. Break the ice and incorporate play with these games.

  6. Play calming music during meetings.

  7. Set up an  oil diffuser.

  8. Pass around sensory toys.

  9. Spend time recognizing individual milestones and achievements.

  10. Close meetings by expressing gratitude.

Incorporating mindfulness into staff meetings can help you begin to cultivate wellness at your school or district. Implementing a wellness plan for staff may seem difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. Educators need mindfulness in order to support a healthy school environment where students are able to thrive – act now and add mindful practices into your next staff meeting.

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