SEL Programs

Social Emotional Learning Programs For Every Stage of Development

SEL programs are built upon a research-based SEL curriculum that teaches individuals social and emotional skills that are necessary for life and academic success. These are otherwise known as social competencies. Social competency skills include responsible decision-making, resiliency, self-awareness, and self-regulation.

Our goal is to cultivate a safe and positive school environment by providing the right SEL solutions for your school or home. We use evidence-based research to help us design each program so it will fit the appropriate age and developmental level of its target group.

Research shows that well-implemented, evidence-based social emotional learning programs are the most effective way to promote students’ healthy social and emotional development, increase academic performance, and support young people’s success and well-being in school.

Choosing a high-quality SEL program can provide your school and team with the best tools for SEL instruction. We are here to help you along the way, and we have the research that can address all of your student’s needs and challenges. We offer a digital library with SEL resources and provide enrichment workshops as well as SEL professional development for educators.

SEL Programs for Early Elementary School (Grades PreK-2)

Our youngest students, with their natural desire for movement, play, and curiosity, are in a perfect state of openness to social emotional learning. When we lay the foundation of these skills in conjunction with their own development of body and social awareness, the competencies integrate seamlessly into their experience. Start your early elementary students on the path to a lifetime of emotional wellbeing with our early elementary social emotional learning programs.

SEL Programs For Elementary School (Grades 3-5)

Our creative, social, thoughtful students in later elementary years are becoming aware of their place in the world. They still have a strong desire for play, but it’s tempered by the need for acceptance. As self-consciousness creeps into their thoughts, students will benefit from the language and expression tools that are understood and also used by their peers. The classroom becomes a supportive atmosphere of positive energy. Give your students a stress-free environment for growth and expression with our late elementary social emotional learning programs.

SEL Programs For Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle school students are enmeshed in a time of transition mentally, physically, and socially. As they grapple with changes beyond their control, they experience heightened stress, conflict, and a sense of powerlessness. Middle school teachers strive daily to support and educate their students through these real, sometimes overbearing, challenges. Our middle school social emotional learning programs offer students relief by teaching them the skills to identify and address their emotions and responses.

SEL Programs For High School (Grades 9-12)

High school students may start to look more like adults, but their mental and emotional development still has a long way to go. They regularly face pressure to act, think, and function as adults when they are not yet developmentally ready.

Even though it’s not offered by most programs, social emotional learning in high school teaches students to embrace their individuality and determine how they contribute to their community. Give your students the tools to develop mature relationships and manage stress while creating healthy boundaries with confidence with our high school social emotional learning programs.

SEL Programs For Educators

We understand the challenges teachers face as they navigate their students through real-world issues while also dealing with workplace dynamics. social emotional learning programs for educators provide teachers with their own foundation of emotional intelligence so that school is a safe and positive community.

Our training and professional development programs are based on the same concepts of movement and creative expression that fuel our student programs. Get ready to move your way towards creating a supportive learning environment by focusing on wellness, communication, and leadership.

Explore our social emotional learning programs and contact us to customize a solution that meets your students and educators where they are now.