Educators Lead the Way With Compassion and Innovation Through Social Emotional Learning

As much of the world came to a screeching halt in March, we all began trying to find our way through the disruption. While schools across the nation closed, teachers and school administrators led the charge in discovering how to adapt their classrooms to serve students from afar.

During this time of global disruption, our partner schools have found that SEL skills are more important than ever. Move This World has compiled the most useful resources for these circumstances from our expansive digital library, and we are making them available to all educators for free. School administrators and teachers are welcome to download these powerful free social emotional learning tools to share with students and parents.

What To Expect

Information about Social Emotional Learning

Activities that can be done offline

Valuable tips for working and learning at home

Writing and activity prompts

Family activity suggestions

Self-care resources

Safe methods for navigating negative feelings

Pep talk and positive feeling prompts

Breathing and mindfulness tutorials

Vocabulary resources for fuller expression

How Social Emotional Learning Helps At Home

Facilitates parent-child discussion

Encourages families to enjoy time together

Teaches families a common language around emotions

Explores empathy among family members

Supports parent involvement in education

Nurtures relaxation, self care, and mindfulness

Urges physical activity and movement

Download the free resources below to help your students prioritize their social and emotional needs and navigate the many feelings they are experiencing during these challenging times.