Sara Hahn & Ellie Foster: A Tapestry of Feelings

Move This World Founder & CEO Sara Potler LaHayne sits down with Sara Hahn and Dr. Ellie Foster, Directors of Education for the Kevin Love Fund. They discuss the importance of vulnerability, and undoing the hierarchy of feelings that society has created. Listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform here. If you like this episode, leave us a 5-star rating and write a review to help other listeners find us, too! 

About Dr. Ellie Foster, Co-Director of Education, Kevin Love Fund

Ellie Foster, PhD is an advocate for centering creativity, social justice, and emotional expression in the way schools approach social-emotional learning and trauma-sensitive practices. Ellie has supported this approach as a high school English teacher, literacy researcher, k-12 teacher educator, instructor with Denver Writes, and an activist for youth experiencing homelessness through Attention Homes. Ellie holds a M.S. in educational psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD in literacy education from University of Colorado at Boulder. Ellie’s doctoral research explored centering emotion in research-based writing.

About Sara Hahn, Co-Director of Education, Kevin Love Fund

Sara Hahn, M.A., M.Ed. holds a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University in human development studies in addition to a master’s degree from Pepperdine University in education. After teaching in both public and private schools in Los Angeles, Sara witnessed the disparity in education across her student population firsthand, and she was inspired to create a program that would provide comprehensive support to students from underserved communities. Sara co-founded the education nonprofit Determined to Succeed with actor and activist, Hank Azaria. Sara and Hank worked together for over a decade to support students academically, emotionally and financially through middle school, high school and college.


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