Celebrating Another School Year with MTW

Written by Founder and CEO, Sara Potler LaHayne

As school lets out and the summer sizzle sets in, Move This World knows you can’t take a break from making emotional health a part of our lives every day. While teachers and students go from spending time in their classrooms to their neighborhoods and communities, our team is busy designing programs that will continue to transform learning environments to be safe, nurturing and inspiring.

For parents, summer is a great time to bring social and emotional skills at home. For educators and administrators, it’s a time to reflect on how well we’ve done — and how much more we can do — to equip young people with the tools to manage their emotions and the conflict in their lives.

At Move This World, we’re looking ahead to making some big moves. August 22–24 marks our Fifth Annual Global Summit in Transforming Education through Creative Practices, hosted by Hostelling International, in New York City. If you are an educator, youth worker, student, artist, academic or social change advocate, join MTW PeaceMover Facilitators and global staff in an experiential training on creative-based approaches to cultivating empathetic behavior.

Enjoy the summer, and get ready for yet another school year during which we’ll keep inspiring bravery and confidence in communities around the globe.

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