Webinar: Integrating SEL Throughout the School Day with Mangum Elementary

During this webinar, we learned how Mangum Elementary School has integrated social emotional learning (SEL) throughout their school day. Download the webinar recording and slide deck using the form below.

Some of the topics discussed included:
-When, why and how Mangum Elementary started to prioritize social emotional learning for their students and teachers.
-The evaluation and selection process of SEL programming for the district and school.
-How Mangum is continuing to use Move This World, one of their social emotional learning programs, virtually and see the resource in action.
-How Mangum Elementary generated buy in and integrated SEL throughout their school day.

Our panelists included:

-Gwendolyn Dorman, Principal
-Alexandra Armor, Counselor
-Beth Leamer, First Grade Teacher
-Paula Ray, Fourth Grade Teacher
-Chris Soto, Social Emotional and Mental Health Coordinator, Durham Public Schools

About the School: Mangum Elementary School is a K-5 school in Durham, North Carolina enrolling 327 students. The Mangum Elementary community is committed to developing respectful students, empowering them to persevere with integrity.

About the District: Durham Public Schools is a PreK-12 public school district in Durham, North Carolina. More than 32,000 students are currently enrolled in 54 schools. Durham’s public schools are nearly as diverse as our 300,000+ residents. Durham is dedicated to embracing, educating, and empowering every student to innovate, serve, and lead.

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