Realizing Goals: Districtwide SEL from Planning to Implementation and Beyond

Students, families, and educators are facing challenges that have stretched their mental health and made learning and teaching more difficult than ever. SEL can be a powerful way to alleviate some of the immediate stressors while also providing a framework to create better learning conditions for students. But SEL doesn’t just happen! It takes a coordinated effort from district administrators to classroom teachers and families at home.

Our partners from Utah’s Jordan School District shared their experiences with planning and implementing SEL at the district and school levels, with strategic insights and explicit examples of practices you can bring into your own communities. In this on-webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Key considerations district and school leaders make when setting SEL goals and evaluating solutions
  2. How to generate buy-in and proactively address pushback
  3. What districts and schools are doing to address, support, and strengthen the social-emotional wellbeing of students and educators
  4. What the future of SEL looks like after a tumultuous two years

Bring systemic SEL into your district

Free toolkit download

There is no one person or designated class responsible for supporting the social and emotional development of students. All influencers in a school community, from families to counselors to district administrators, play an important role.

In this free toolkit, you’ll learn the what, why, and how of implementing SEL across your school and district with ready-to-use resources you can start putting to work right away.

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