Press Release: Move This World Partners with Panorama Education to Provide More Classrooms with Creative Social Emotional Learning Exercises

Move This World Partners with Panorama Education to Provide More Classrooms with Creative Social Emotional Learning Exercises

Panorama Education customers will now have access to a sampling of Move This World’s short videos designed to teach a variety of social emotional skills.


New York, NY (May 18, 2020) — Move This World and Panorama Education, two social emotional learning companies, have partnered to give schools and districts using Panorama Education additional access to Move This World’s video-based SEL lessons. Customers of Panorama Education, a leading social emotional learning assessment platform, will now have access to fifteen Move This World videos through Playbook, Panorama’s professional learning portal. 

Move This World’s videos explicitly teach and provide opportunities for students to strengthen skills within the five core social emotional learning competencies: self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. The videos target a variety of grade levels, spanning from late elementary to high school. The videos, known within Panorama’s Playbook as “Moves,” focus specifically on the following Panorama Education topic areas: emotion regulation, engagement, grit, growth mindset, school and classroom climate, self-efficacy, self-management, sense of belonging, and social awareness. 

As a part of the partnership, Move This World and Panorama Education plan to release a series of resources throughout 2020 focusing specifically on how to increase and measure a student’s sense of belonging within their school community.  

“Panorama Education’s assessments help schools tap into a student’s perception of how they are progressing socially and emotionally and how the school culture and climate are being impacted as a result,” said Kathy Krupa, Partnerships Director at Move This World. “We’re excited to provide Panorama Education’s customers new resources to introduce SEL skills and reinforce skills that they have already been developing. We hope that teachers and students will find the creative-based videos to be engaging and easy to integrate into their classrooms.” 

Move This World is a foundational social emotional learning program designed for PreK-12 educators and students. The curriculum is delivered through short, engaging videos that allow teachers to log in, press play and follow along with their students. The videos coach students and educators through creative exercises designed to develop and strengthen social emotional skills and provide an opportunity for teachers to quickly check in and proactively identify students who may need additional support. 

Panorama Education is an assessment platform that measures student competencies and student and teacher perceptions of topics related to social emotional learning along 22 different topics, such as grit, growth mindset, engagement, self-efficacy, perceptions of school safety, and school climate. Panorama offers interactive dashboards that help educators identify strengths and growth opportunities at the school, classroom, and individual student level. Using data proactively, educators can make decisions and take informed action to support every student.

“We are thrilled to partner with Move This World to give our schools and districts actionable strategies for supporting students’ social and emotional skill development,” said Marysa Sheren Rochet, Head of Teaching and Learning at Panorama Education. “The self-contained and interactive nature of Move This World’s social-emotional learning video activities are a promising resource for helping students develop self awareness, promoting stronger relationships, and creating a culture of support in classrooms.”

About Move This World

Move This World cultivates students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that empower them to navigate the complex and rapidly-changing realities of our world. Move This World is a social emotional learning program that enables students to establish and maintain healthy relationships with peers, staff and themselves. The curriculum is delivered through an extensive online library of PreK-12 videos and resources rooted in creative expression that help students, teachers and staff develop a common language to improve communication and build trust. Move This World has impacted the lives of over 1 million students across 30 states. For more information, go to

About Panorama Education 

Panorama Education partners with K-12 schools and districts across the country to build social-emotional skills for students and ensure that all students are graduating prepared for college, career, and life. Panorama’s technology platform empowers educators to monitor student progress and intervene effectively to improve academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning (SEL) outcomes. Panorama supports more than 10 million students in 11,500 schools across 46 states. To learn more, visit


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