Adrian Jordan

Vice President of Marketing

Adrian is a seasoned marketing executive with over 17 years of experience across ad agencies, brands in the telecommunications sector, and education. During his career he has helped brands like McDonald’s, USPS, Spectrum (TV/Internet/Voice/Mobile), and Stride (K12) develop marketing strategies with a focus on increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and driving revenue.

Adrian is passionate about developing innovative solutions while building a culture of excellence across the enterprise. During his time working in the education industry, he realized the importance of delivering culturally relevant communications to historically underserved communities. As a result of the work he led, thousands of Hispanic families learned about, and took advantage of, quality online education available to them regardless of where they lived.

At Move This World, Adrian will be leading a dynamic marketing team to realize our mission of providing a best-in-class social emotional learning (SEL) multimedia experience for all PreK-12 students, educators, and families.

  • Favorite wellbeing ritual: Running, cycling, and swimming.
  • Favorite Move This World exercise: Balloon breathing.
  • Favorite way to de-stress: Meditation.
  • Advice for managing wellbeing during the school year: It’s a marathon and not a sprint. You must pace yourself.
  • Advice for supporting colleagues and peers during the school year: It can’t be said enough: don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you see someone struggling, commit to checking in and offering help, or listening to your colleagues’ challenges.