What is SEL? Overview for Families

Social emotional learning can strengthen communities during uncertain times. Building skills like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building, and decision making helps students (and adults) during times of fear, panic or confusion.

As an educator, you’re well aware of the importance of SEL, however families in your communities may not be familiar with what is SEL at all. Families are also dealing with confusion and stress as concerns about health, safety, and security are mounting. Informing families about SEL can help them support students and themselves at home during this time.

In this resource, you’ll find more information about social emotional learning to share with families. Written in family-friendly language (no edu-lingo!), share this with parents to help them understand the types of skills they can support their students with while they are home. They may not be certified to teach math or history, but they can support students with social emotional development.

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