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Schools that used Move This World showed LARGER growth in academic achievement in both ELA and Mathematics.

Students that engaged with Move This World showed LARGER growth in SEL competencies compared to the control group.

Schools using Move This World observed INCREASED use of and identification of self-management strategies during times of conflict and stress.


Being involved with Move This World and bringing the curriculum to my students has been a dream for me. I think SEL is the most crucial part of a child’s education.

Providing students with the SEL tools and giving them the chance to practice these important skills during the school day leads to more confident, resilient, and empathetic learners as well as a more nurturing and protective learning environment.

Alexandra Armor

Counselor, Mangum Elementary School (NC)

Over my past six years of teaching, I have seen the difference SEL can make in student/teacher and student/student relationships. When these relationships are strong and continuously developing, learning occurs on a much deeper level and students become more confident in who they are as a person and learner.

It has also helped me become a more empathetic teacher who has learned to stop for the teaching and growing moments rather than sticking to the curriculum task at hand.

Meghan Camacho

4th-Grade Teacher, CICS West Belden (IL)

Hoboken Middle School has a strong culture of achievement and Move This World builds on this by providing a shared language for students, teachers, and parents around emotions.

Anna Mara

Principal, Hoboken Middle School (NJ)