SELebrate SEL Day with Move This World!

March 11, 2022

We’re excited to SELebrate another SEL Day on March 11 with our friends at SEL4US and Urban Assembly! 

If you haven’t registered for SEL Day, sign up here.

There are two ways to celebrate with us on Friday, March 11:

For Students: Join our Danceathon SELebration on Flipgrid!

You can participate in a free Move This World exercise on Flipgrid! Find the Topic of the Day in the Discovery Library on Friday, March 11 to participate in a Move This World exercise that incorporates the creative power of student voice with Flipgrid. Sign up for Flipgrid here.

For Educators: Join our March Educator Wellness Webinar!

Supporting educator wellbeing is critical as we continue through the 2021-22 school year. Join us for a 30-minute participatory webinar where we’ll practice exercises to support your wellbeing and help you hit the reset button. Learn more and register here.

Want to bring more social emotional learning support to educators and families in your community? Learn more about our PreK-12 programs.