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Move This World is a social emotional learning (SEL) program that uses interactive videos, movement, and creative expression to help students and educators develop emotional intelligence skills for long-term wellbeing.

What is SEL

Social emotional learning is how students learn techniques to process and manage emotions as well as essential social skills. It encompasses everything from goal setting to stress management, and it provides both children and adults with tools they can use to express themselves authentically and appropriately. SEL is critical for building healthy relationships, communicating effectively, and living a meaningful life.


Cultivating a safe and positive school environment begins with implementing the right solutions. Using evidence-based research, we designed each program to fit the appropriate developmental level of its target age group. With an extensive digital library, direct program management support, and continuing research initiatives, Move This World is focused on addressing and meeting your student’s unique needs and challenges.

Success Stories

When schools implement Move This World programs, the impact is felt community-wide. Principals report a drastic reduction in suspensions and disciplinary issues. Teachers observe students regulating their emotions with skills learned from Move This World. As students use the program’s language to identify their emotions, teachers note that they can provide support quickly and effectively.