Offering At-Home Social Emotional Learning to All Families in Florida

In a continued effort to support students and families through the pandemic, we are delighted to share that we are providing free online access to Move This World’s evidence-based social emotional learning (SEL) resources. Our specialized SEL Summer Series aims to help Florida families prioritize children’s wellbeing throughout the summer and includes SEL lessons tailored to the needs of students in PreK through 12th grade. 


This summer, it is critical that opportunities for social emotional learning be prioritized as families continue to cope with the many stresses of living through a global pandemic. Children and their parents need support and guidance in order to process their feelings surrounding COVID-19 and the reopening of schools next month. The SEL Summer Series aims to support the development of students’ social and emotional learning skills to empower them to navigate the complex and rapidly changing realities of our world, including the changes they have experienced in their homes and their feelings about the upcoming reopening of schools. Otherwise, our children will be left to figure it out for themselves.


The SEL Summer Series includes five weeks of programming. Each week focuses on a specific social emotional learning competency: 

  • Self awareness 
  • Self management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making


Parents and students will have access to Move This World videos and corresponding extension activities that can be completed either independently or as a family. All exercises are self-paced and can be completed virtually or in person. Families can access the program through Move This World’s website. 


If they haven’t already, parents should be talking to their kids about the changes in their lives caused by COVID-19 and help them anticipate and be ready for the start of school. Their learning environment will feel different this year with new schedules, as well as new social distancing and health protocols. Helping answer children’s questions now will better prepare them. 

Questions may include the following: 

  • Why do I need my temperature checked when entering school? 
  • Why should I spend the entire day in one classroom?
  • When can I stop wearing a mask? 


As districts share their plans with families, parents should start sharing that information with their children to help them anticipate how they might feel and talk through some strategies to manage the new routines. 

The past few months have been incredibly stressful for adults and children alike, filled with rapid changes, diversion from routine, and a looming feeling of uncertainty. Stress and the inability to properly manage emotions prevent children from being successful learners and reaching their full potential. As communities continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for students to develop emotional identification skills, coping skills, strategies for managing emotions, and the ability to persevere in the face of challenges. We are excited to help support families across Florida this summer and believe that this is a great step for states to begin recognizing the importance of SEL programs for the future of learning. 

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