Prioritizing Staff & Student Wellbeing Through Social Emotional Learning

Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent of Sioux Falls Schools District in South Dakota, has been leading school districts for the past 20 years. In that time, he’s seen a shift in how schools respond to trauma and sees social emotional learning as a needed shift to a proactive solution.

He and his team kicked off a partnership with Move This World in the fall of 2018 as way to establish a daily, foundational routine centered around social emotional learning. In this podcast, Dr. Maher and Sara LaHayne, Move This World’s Founder & CEO, joins Dr. Joseph Wise, CEO of the Education Research & Development Institute to discuss…

  • The need for social emotional learning for both students and teachers as an increasing number of individuals continue to experience trauma.

  • The power of implementing social emotional learning daily and the positive impact Sioux Falls is seeing as a result.

  • Ways to overcome barriers to implementation by establishing the “why” and providing staff with opportunities to cultivate their own wellness.