How to Facilitate Social Emotional Learning at Home

Webinar Recap

With schools and communities across the country experiencing closures for the foreseeable futures, educators are quickly adapting to remote learning. Not only are educators and families looking for easy-to-use at-home learning activities, tension and anxiety seems to be at an all-time high. Social emotional learning at home supports the mental health of your entire family, while also supporting educational expectations during school closures.

In this webinar, we shared tips, ideas, and activities to facilitate social emotional learning at home. In the slide deck, you’ll find links to resources and activities that you can share with parents or use with your family!

Webinar Resources

Access the slide deck here.

One of the activities we shared during the webinar is a weekly wordcloud, and we wanted to try this out during the live webinar! We invited participants to share how they are feeling using an emotional vocabulary word, which we turned into this wordcloud.

At a glance, we can notice that there are a lot of difficult or challenging emotions right now – overwhelmed, concerned, uncertain – but also some positive emotions – optimistic! Creating a wordcloud out of the emotional vocabulary words your students use to describe how they’re feeling is a great way to check in with your students and feel connected as a class.

We tried to answer all of your questions during the live webinar, but we didn’t have time to get to everyone! Below are the answers to the questions we didn’t have time to answer.

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Question and Answer

Do you have a lesson plan format for us to follow if we post a video each day? Similar to the way we do Move This World weekly? 

Our program team is sending out resources for our partner schools each week, with new videos and supporting resources available each week. Reach out to to request any additional resources, like a lesson plan format, that you need!

Could we use these activities at least 3 times a week for 15 minutes? 

Absolutely! These activities could be done in 15 minutes (or more, or less, with some adjusting!), so you can easily choose 3 activities for families to do each week.

As a school counselor who oversees all students and their families, what is the best approach to continuously reach out to them? I have started emails, but is there another way/tips?

The best approach is going to be the one that works for your families! We recommend sending out a poll or survey to find out what is easiest for families in your community. In addition to email, some communication styles we’ve seen from other districts include:

  • Text communication. (Remind is a great platform for this!)

  • Live stream updates on social media. You can do this weekly, and parents may appreciate tuning in and feeling connected!

  • Set up a website or FB group and update it regularly. Instead of sending out emails, families can check the website or FB group daily for new updates.

If email communication is easiest for families, ask them how frequently they’d like to hear from you! That will help you understand if you are blasting their inbox, or if they want to hear from you more.

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