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As a leading innovator in PreK-12 education, Move This World provides a solid foundation for students to successfully set, pursue, and achieve their post-graduation goals. With an emphasis on student voice and choice, our engaging and participatory content strengthens interpersonal skills, cultivates a growth mindset, and fosters the development of self-management techniques. MTW programs create a healthy environment where students are empowered to take ownership of learning, equipping them with essential skills for lifelong success.

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How we move this world in high schools

Activity: Agreementing

Objectives: Demonstrate empathy by recognizing and acknowledging the feelings and experiences of others. Demonstrate ways to encourage mutual respect when our perspectives and opinions may differ.

Competency: Social Awareness, Relationship Skills

Skills: Teamwork, Discovering differences

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Move This World’s SEL solutions offer the largest collection of multimedia experiences, toolkits, and resources for Pre-K-12.