Jessica Drzewucki, Principal

Name: Jessica Drzewucki

Role: Principal

School: PS 128 Bensonhurst

District: New York City Department of Education

State: New York

“SEL is important to me because I know that the best learning takes place when children are happy, comfortable, and confident.  The children in my school are often new to the country and have sometimes faced a rough road getting here.  They are learning new customs, a new language, and a new landscape, as well as making new friends and attending a new school.  The very first step in teaching our students is making sure that they feel safe and welcome, while giving them shared langauge and activities to build their confidence and agency.”

Jessica Drzewucki is a Brooklyn, NY, elementary school principal with over 15 years of experience in NYC public schools. As principal of a highly diverse, multi-lingual elementary school, she prioritizes social-emotional learning and cultural celebration, as well as curricular materials and experiences that acclimate children to NYC and build community within the school. Jessica grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and in her free time enjoys writing fiction, exploring new places, and playing with her son and her pugs.