Building Equitable, Safe and Supportive Schools: Trauma and Culturally Sensitive Practices for Guidance

The term safe and supportive schools has been sprinkled across our headlines and news feeds, but is it another buzzword or here to stay? The term is much more than reactive legislation and strategies in response to school tragedies. The idea of wanting equity, safety, and support in schools is not new, nor should it be anything less than a priority across classrooms, schools, and districts. In this white paper, you will learn how trauma-informed and sensitive practices are the foundation for equitable, safe and supportive schools and learning environments. You also will discover easy-to-implement next steps and tips for planning for the future.


Co-published with AIR and Dr. David Osher, who is an advisor for Move This World. Dr. Osher’s research around creating equitable, safe and supportive schools for learning environments for all everything integral to Move This World’s curriculum, development, and standards-based alignment. Recently, Dr. Osher co-authored, “Creating Safe, Equitable, Engaging Schools: A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting Students.” The book is a comprehensive, easy-to-read overview of implementation stages and strategies for your school or district.

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