Sense of Closure

Ideas to Bring a Sense of Closure to the School Year

This school year is certainly one that educators and students will never forget. Things feel off, but school communities have done an incredible job of transitioning to remote learning. As we approach the end of the school year, it’s important to continue to innovate and be creative in order to bring a sense of closure to the school year. Celebrate what this year has been, and the ways that you’ve rallied together to overcome new obstacles. Here are some ideas for schools and classrooms to help you bring a sense of closure to the school year. Your hard work deserves it!

These ideas were sourced from our school partners, including:

Dr. Jestine Mayberry, Instructional Technology Adminstrator from Mary McLeod Betune Day Academy PCS in Washington, DC

Rhashida Abdul-Malik Suarez, Student Support Services: Dean from Queens Collegiate in NYC, NY

Clara Gaul, Dean of Toddlers-Kindergarten from BASIS Independent McLean in Virginia


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