Free Write Journal

Free Write Journal Prompts

In this exercise, students choose one sentence starter and set a timer for 5-10 minutes. They respond to the free write journal prompts by writing any and all thoughts that come to mind (they can write on anything that is nearby – no need to print out the worksheet!).

This exercise requires some vulnerability and helps students learn more about themselves. They shouldn’t overthink it –  they should allow themselves to write freely and honestly  – putting their thoughts and ideas onto paper until the timer goes off. They can come back to these prompts later on and see how their answers have changed, they might be surprised to see what is different day to day, week to week, or month to month.

Please note, these sentence starters were created with middle and high schoolers in mind. They may need to be adapted for elementary school students. And guess what? These prompts are great for adults who may be looking for a free write journal prompt of their own! Download the resource below. Available in Spanish and English.

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