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Winter Break SEL Challenge

During a typical school year, winter break is an opportunity to stay home, relax, and connect with family and friends. But we’ve been home for months now! This winter break, try our Winter Break SEL Activities Challenge (download below). Can you practice all of the SEL exercises this winter break?

This challenge integrates movement and creative-expression to support the development of the whole child. Each of the social and emotional wellbeing exercises equip your student with tools to be resilient in the face of adversity, to be empathetic towards the situations of others, and to effectively identify and manage their emotions.

Self expression provides us with the opportunity to form a deeper connection with ourselves and others. Creativity is one of the most vulnerable forms of self-expression; it creates an opportunity for us to fully commit to our thoughts and feelings. Movement allows for us to embody our emotions; this helps us to identify and express our feelings more authentically.

This winter break, we challenge you to continue cultivating social emotional learning through movement and creativity. Take time to pause, reflect and reset as you prepare for another year ahead.


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