Behavior Support Practices
Tier 1 Checklist

  • Assess each practice under the four categories of Relational, Personal, Proactive, and Responsive practices
  • Pinpoint areas of strength that can serve as mentoring or modeling opportunities
  • Identify specific practices that represent avenues for improvement
  • Enhance the support available to students, promoting behavioral success and active engagement in school

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Why Move This World?

Interactive Videos with a Full Scope
and Sequence

  • Minimal teacher prep
  • Short, engaging lessons
  • MTSS lessons and resources

Community Engagement Tools

  • A common language for meaningful communication and conflict resolution
  • Deepened connection between home, school, and community
  • Spanish resources available

Comprehensive Support

  • A dedicated Team supporting your school throughout the implementation process and beyond
  • From managing technical issues to collaborating with educators, our team is committed to nurturing innovative ideas that enhance the overall Move This World experience
  • Together, we create an environment where all students, educators and leaders thrive and reach their full potential

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