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We know that learning at home can be challenging. Your students may be missing their friends, struggling to adjust to a new routine, or feeling frustrated without the support of their teachers. We’re inviting students across the country to share a Pep Talk on our Flipgrid!

Students: There are many students just like you across the country at home right now instead of school. What are words of encouragement or tips you would tell one of your classmates or students from other schools that are also at home?

Teachers are invited to share, too!

Teachers: What are words of encouragement you would offer fellow teachers at this time? This is a confusing time for everyone as you adjust to supporting your students from a distance with uncertainty ahead. Share your tips for getting through this time with us.

How to Contribute:

  1. Visit
  2. Use the code Wecanmovethisworld (password is case-sensitive) to access the grid.
  3. Record & share your Pep Talk for students!
  4. Watch and respond to other students across the country.

Anytime you need a pep talk for students, revisit our Grid! It will always be there to encourage you as you continue to learn from home.

We’ll be sharing new discussion questions on Flipgrid each week, so stay tuned for the next question! You might just see some familiar faces….

Make sure your student has permission from a parent before participating!

Looking for more resources to support social emotional learning at home during this time? Visit our Resource Center.

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