ovid Conversation Starters

Non-Coronavirus Conversation Starters

The impact of COVID-19 is difficult to comprehend. The virus has impacted nearly every component of life for children and adults alike: the way we learn, the way we work, the way we interact, and the way we will make decisions currently and in the future. Understandably so, it seems that every conversation is circling around COVID-19. It’s more important now than ever to intentionally disconnect, and not just from technology.

In this resource, you’ll find a list of conversation starters, none of which relate to COVID-19. Use these prompts as a way to spark discussion, give your mind an intentional break from the news, and to get to know those around you a little better. Feel free to use these cards in person or virtually. The prompts include conversations for both children and adults. Enter your information below to download the Non-Coronavirus Conversation Starters resource. Available in English and Spanish. 

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