My Current Challenge

In this exercise, students (and adults) take some time to intentionally work through a challenge they are currently facing. Maybe that includes struggling with transitioning to online learning, missing friends, or craving some alone time. By taking the time to identify a specific challenge and reflect on potential responses, students have an opportunity to practice self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision making.

Start by having students identify the specific challenge they are currently facing. Then they should identify how they are currently responding, both in terms of how the challenge is making them feel and what actions (if any) they are taking. Maybe they are blaming the problem on someone else, ignoring the problem or trying to come up with a plan. 

After reflecting on current responses, students will create a plan for the future. They will brainstorm other ways they can respond and create a “Motto” that will help them conquer their challenge. Their Motto could be a word or phrase that inspires them to keep moving forward. Available in English and Spanish.

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